Computer science scholarships

Equity and Accessibility to Computer Technology

Before any on-line program will hope to succeed, it should have students World Health Organization area unit able to access the web learning atmosphere.

Lack of access, whether or not its for economic or provision reasons, can exclude otherwise eligible students from the course. this is often a big issue in rural and lower socioeconomic neighborhoods.

what is more, speaking from AN body purpose of read, if students cannot afford the technology the establishment employs, they’re lost as customers. As so much as web accessibility worries, it’s not universal, and in some areas of the us and alternative countries, web access poses a big price to the user. Some users pay a hard and fast monthly rate for his or her web association, whereas others area unit charged for the time they pay on-line.

If the participants’ time on-line is proscribed by the quantity of web access they’ll afford, then instruction and participation within the on-line program won’t be equitable for all students within the course.

Computer accomplishment
Both students and facilitators should possess a minimum level of pc data so as to operate with success in an internet atmosphere. as an example, they need to be able to use a spread of search engines and be comfy navigating on the planet Wide net, also as be conversant in Newsgroups, FTP procedures, and email.

If they are doing not possess these technology tools, they can they’re going to they’ll not reach an internet program; a student or academician World Health Organization cannot operate on the system will drag the complete program down.

Limitations of Technology
User friendly and reliable technology is vital to a fortunate on-line program. However, even the foremost refined technology isn’t 100 percent reliable. sadly, it’s not a matter of if the instrumentation utilized in an internet program can fail, but when.

As these thing running fast and technology is means to the low profit and is employing as a tool with the learning methods. All the ways breaks will occur at any way on the system as well.